Stelios Ranfos in his newly translated book ” Yearning for the One” presents anthropologically the roots of the problem of the modern Hellenes. It is particularly interesting to the one who wishes to understand the neo Hellenic crisis of today.

Yearning for the  One: Chapters in the Inner Life of the Greeks

Stelios Ramfos

Yearning for the One: Chapters in the Inner Life of the Greeks –

 Stelios Ramfos, translated by Norman Russel

Yearning for the  One: Chapters in the Inner Life of the Greeks

Stelios  Ramfos

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Stelios Ramfos is interviewed in Crete TV, where he unfolds the philosophical, psychological and cultural aspects, corresponding to the mentality of the modern Hellenes, in connection to their European perspective. (March 2011.).

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Above key phrase is an extract from a lecture of Stelios Ramfos on the “Myth of Plato’s Cave” 

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Plato’s Myth of the Cave

Above key phrase appears in an extract from the book by Stelios Ramfos, The Secret of Jesus (pp 277-291 The Parable of the Prodigal Son) translated by Father John Raffan.

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The Parable of the Prodigal Son

The article of Stelios Ramfos below was published in the Hellenic newspaper “Kathimerini”. In this article the writer through a philosophical analysis is attempting to identify the psychological motives of the youths which generated the riots in Athens in February 2009.  

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The Nihil as Long Living Death Rattle

By this article below published in newspaper “Kathimerini”, Stelios Ramfos is analysing the psycho profile of the terrorists, in his attempt to identify the proximate cause of the ordeal at the World Center twin towers of New York in September 11th.

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Spring and Abyss to the Universalized World